The Secret ‘Scandalous’ Life of the Iranian Youth

Inhumanity, death and destruction. These are the images most often associated with news stories that come out of much of the Middle East.

But what we don’t see in the media often enough is the other side of those places; the lives of the everyday people caught in the fray who still strive to live life in much the same way as people do anywhere else in the world. These countries seem far and foreign but the people who call these places home are like anyone else; they have the same emotions, same desires, same heart.

But we don’t see that, and the few glimpses that we do get into this side of the picture often strike us as surprising. Scenes that look normal place and ordinary anywhere else come with a certain shock factor when they originate of a war-locked country where the focus is placed solely on the negative.

That’s the case with the images in the slideshow above. Scenes that could be described as “scandalous” and as depicting a seedy “subculture” show a different side to Iran — a country that has experienced turmoil and unrest over the past several years — than what we’re used to.

The individuals in this pictures show that the story of the Iranian youth is far from the ones we’ve built up in our heads; the ones with the fearful and submissive women or extremely violent and aggressive men. Instead, these are the images of a teen picking on his guitar in a park, young women enjoying a night out of dancing, or simply of a man just hanging out in what we can only describe as hipster attire. Of course these images don’t tell the whole story of the Iranian culture, but they do a good job to widen the scope with which we view this country and others like it.

Check out the images above.

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