SEE: 20 of the Hottest Victoria’s Secret Models Without Makeup

We usually see them in itty bitty panties and lingerie looking flawless on the side of buildings and in television commercials. Between the spray tans, makeup and airbrushing, it is hard to tell what regular people let alone celebrities really look like.

However, there is that small percentage of those in the world which can be classified into a different category known as perfection. Yes,fu I am talking about the angels of the world, the long legged, the perfectly toned, and the luminous specimens who don’t walk across this earth but rather float across this earth.

These beautiful ladies are so stunning that even without all the makeup and Photoshop they still look drop dead gorgeous, and now we have proof. The slideshow above shows 20 of Victoria’s Secret hottest models still looking amazing, all without the glitz and glam.