SEE: 20 Unforgettable Vintage Photos of ‘Midget Wrestling’ from the ’60s & ’70s

These days, the word midget is rarely used. Most little people prefer it that way, but there was a time not too long ago that ‘Midget Wrestling’ was a huge draw with thousands of fans. While it still exists today, these photos above are taken of the unsung heroes who started the sport and kept it alive decades ago.

Many of the men you see here branched out into wrestling after traveling in carnivals or as part of circus acts, These wrestlers started a sport that was soon followed across America, Canada and England.

The most famous of these wrestlers (Sky Low Low, Little Beaver, Lord Littlebrook, Little Tokyo) had just the right strength and acrobatic skill to create spellbinding shows that completely impressed fans. They also threw in some comedy to the mix. Just as in the WWE, midget wrestlers fell into two categories—the ones who got cheered and the ones who got booed.

According to Dangerous Minds, many of the biographies of these wrestling heroes (and villains) have either been lost or looked over due to political correctness. Can’t we retrieve that amazing history and just call it “Little People Wrestling?”

Photographer David Maciejewski is the genius who documented these wrestlers from 1966 to 1974. He’s responsible for the incredible photos you see above. More of Maciejewski’s superb photography can be seen (and purchased) here. These make for great Christmas gifts for the wrestling fan in your life!