SEE: Channing Tatum’s Real Life Stripper Photos

Have you ever watched Magic Mike and thought that Channing Tatum has some really good moves? Well, that’s because there is a whole lot more practice behind those hip thrusts than you think.

Believe it or not, before he was an actor Channing was a male stripper. That’s right, he would dance on stage and give countless women lap dances. Who would have known that those skills would become useful as an actor?

The premiere for Magic Mike 2 was last night in Los Angeles, and all the stars stepped out on the red carpet. Plus, there was even a live performance by actual male performers for all the press and stars lining the carpet.

So in honor of the new movie that premieres July 1st, we’ve dug up a few of Channing Tatum’s real life stripper photos. Enjoy!