SEE: Inside the Abandoned Prison that You Could Own

See inside the abandoned prison that you could own today, for the right price.

It is set on 325 acres and was once a fully functioning jailhouse. However, this estate is much more than just a place that once held criminals. It was also once a hotel. After it burned down in 1897 it was turned into housing for tuberculosis patients and World War II veterans.

In 1960 it turned into a home for the disabled and then in 1976 it became a prison. In 2014 it closed down due to financial reasons.

The property can sleep hundreds and comes equipped with a basketball court, gymnasium, chapel, dormitories and of course prison cells.

The jail is surrounded by gorgeous landscapes including a lake. So if this piece of land is your taste you can place an offer until July 7th.

Check out the full offer guidelines on the Empire Sate Development Website.