See How Much F1 Pit Stops Have Changed Since the 1950s

Pit stops are known to be one of the most exciting and stressful moments of a Formula One race. In fact, races are frequently lost and won because of what goes down during a pit stop.

In just a few seconds, a large number of actions are performed by a pit crew.

The gunman have to get the nut on the first try and the jack men have to execute a clean lift, which is extremely difficult for the rear jack.

Time in the pit went from 67 seconds back in the 1950s to less than three seconds on today’s tracks.┬áTimes sure have changed, haven’t they?

And you have to love how back in the day pit crews needed to use a hammer to loosen and secure the wheels!

1950: “Wow, this is taking forever.”
2013: “Wait, what just happened?”

Make sure not to blink because you might miss all the action!