SEE: The Disturbing Footage from Inside the Virginia Gunman’s Home

Many have taken a moment’s silence and lifted up prayers for the victims of the Virginia news crew shooting. Early Wednesday morning, two WDBJ employees were murdered during a live on-air interview segment. Reporter Alison Parker and photographer Adam Ward were shot by former WDBJ employee, Vester Flanagan.

NBC has obtained exclusive footage from inside the Virginia gunman’s home, giving people a deeper look inside the man who committed the crime and then later killed himself. The video shows an almost empty apartment, a mattress with no sheets and a refrigerator plastered with photos of himself.

What is even more disturbing is what was found inside his Flanagan’s car: 17 stamped letters, three license plates, a wig and bullets.

Just yesterday the WDBJ anchors took a moment of silence for their fellow reporters who passed away.