See the Dramatic Rescue of 11-Year-Old Girl Caught in Dangerous Rip Current

An 11-year-old girl is reportedly in moderate condition after she got caught in a dangerous rip current off of Port Heuneme in Southern California. Video shows the dramatic rescue as her father and bystanders jumped in to save her.

People on the pier threw fishing nets, rope, and body boards down in an attempt to retrieve them from the overpowering current. The girl appears to be unconscious during the whole situation.

The men in the water struggle to get her limp body into the net that rescuers up on the pier will use to hoist her to safety.

Finally the coastguard arrives in a speedboat, pulling the girl on board.

The little girl was taken to a hospital where she is being treated for her injuries.

According to the Ventura County Fire Department, six people in total were caught in the current and rescued.

See the video of the rescue below.