See the Tweet That Got a Woman Fired from Her Job Before It Even Started

This young woman has gained internet fame today for making a massive mistake on Twitter. The day prior to starting her new job, she tweeted: “Ew I start this f**k ass job tomorrow,” along with a handful of negative emojis.

girl fired for twitter post

She appears to represents the brand of youngster who puts out ridiculous social media messages before thinking of the long-term consequences. And worse yet, tend not to have respect for those willing to support their need for life’s luxuries.

Thankfully, her new boss had the balls to take action quickly.

girl fired for twitter post

Waple later explained that one of his employees let him know that  had sent out the ill-fated Tweet. This led to him making an example of her in front of the entire world.

What’s inconceivable to us is that  is receiving all sorts of message of support from around the world.

Some goofballs have gone as far as calling her their “hero.”

Please, don’t make us barf. It’s hardly in good taste to complain about an opportunity, no matter how “underneath” you it may seem.

Two thumbs up to you Mr. Robert Waple!