See What It Looks Like to Get Hit By A Semi-Truck and Survive (Video)

Daryl Peterson is lucky to be alive following terrible car accident that sent his vehicle directly into the path of a semi-truck. Not only did he survive, but the entire accident was caught on his dashcam. The footage of the crash, which occurred earlier this year, is just now going viral online.

According to Peterson, a truck slammed into his car, which caused his hands to fly off the wheel and sent his vehicle careening into the path of oncoming traffic.

Unluckily the oncoming traffic happened to be a semi-truck, which smashed into him. The force of the double impact rattled Peterson—deploying the airbag and sending him flying back.

The miraculous thing—Peterson was able to walk away with barely a scratch. He simply takes a moment to collect himself from the shock, and gets out of the vehicle.

Peterson responded to questions on YouTube, explaining:

“Silverado behind me jerked to the right at the last second. He hit my rear passenger side and catapulted me to the left, in front of the International truck loaded with strawberries.”

According to Peterson, the camera used is a R310 2.7” TFT 270 Degree Rotating Dual Lens dashboard camera.