WATCH: Seven-Year-Old ‘Interviews’ for a High-Powered Lawyer Position

Job interviews are difficult, especially when you’ve spend a week psyching yourself out in preparation for the monumentally important and intimidating meeting. But, really, we’re told it’s all about confidence, right? Perhaps having a seven-year-old helping you out during the process would make it all go better.

Luckily, a Comedy Central television series, called Nathan For You, decided to put this bizarre idea into practice by having star Nathan Fielder go in for an actual interview for a high ranking position as a lawyer. In a classic sitcom setup, he has an earpiece in the entire time with seven year-old Amir feeding him the answers for him to recite word by word.

Fielder, hilariously, hopes he can land the job, giving him “the brain of a seven year-old,” to see if he could land the high-powered job based on confidence alone.

The “Seven Year Old Job Interview” clip comes courtesy of Comedy Central’s Nathan For You, in the show’s second season, which premiered last July. We loved it then — so did you guys — so we’re publishing it again now. Fielder may be most famous for his tendency to take his straight-faced schtick into the real world to see how people react to his horrible, horrible ideas. Last year’s most notable moment was the “Dumb Starbucks” coffee shop he opened in Los Angeles that garnered a ton of media attention.