Sgt. Stubby – WWI Dog Veteran Remembered

Sgt. Stubby is one of the most famous combat veterans from World War I — a stray bull terrier mutt from New Haven, Connecticut.

“Stubby was kind of a small spot of sunshine in a very bleak, very costly war in terms of human lives,” said Kathleen Golden, associate curator of the Smithsonian Institution’s Division of Armed Forces History. ” He was an unofficial military working dog before the United States began using dogs officially.”

Indeed, Sgt. Stubby’s wartime exploits made him the first military dog to be promoted to sergeant. And, when he died in April 1926, the New York Times ran a half-page obituary for the military’s pet pooch.

The video above gives the main story, and if you want more you can check out Sergeant Stubby’s Wiki page.