15 Shadows That Appear to Be Something They’re Not

It all started with making shadow puppets on the wall when we were kids. This was one of the best solutions for fighting midnight boredom while trying to fall asleep. Whether it be a duck, dinosaur, or some other random creature, as long as we had a little light, a wall and a free hand (or two), we had entertainment for hours on end.

The shadows made our imaginations soar to great heights–we saw things that weren’t really there.

But it appears that make believe continues to fascinate us, even as adults.

These 15 photographs tell a completely different story than the reality of what’s really going on.

With just the right light and perspective, typically boring photos are transformed into funny, powerful or  mystifying shadows.

Anyway, life is all about perspective, isn’t it?

Check out the shadows that tell a different story in the slideshow above.

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