Shannon Doherty Calls 911 to Save Suicidal Twitter Fan

Shannen Doherty has a long-standing reputation for being a drama queen off-screen, but last month she stepped into the role of off-screen hero when she called 911 to rescue a fan who contacted her through Twitter. The female fan threatended to kill herself unless Doherty called her, and Doherty herself reveals it isn’t the first attempt at contact.

Although the call happened last month, it was released publicly this morning after TMZ posted it on their website yesterday.

In the recording, Doherty, a resident of Los Angeles, California contacted the police in Westhampton, New Jersey where the fan lives.

Doherty begins the call by saying “This is going to sound incredibly strange,” then goes on to identify herself and her situation.

“I’m on Twitter, sadly, and there is a girl that is threatening to shoot herself.” Doherty adds she is “completely untrained to deal with somebody threatening to commit suicide.”

In the tape, 41-year-old Doherty reports how “my security guys actually told me to block her, because she’s super-aggressive and does very erratic things,” but, “I’m now sitting here, like, you know freaking out and held hostage and I can’t even do anything.”

After providing police with the fan’s address, police proceeded to the New Jersey home, asking Doherty to stay on the line in case they needed her to talk to the woman to let them into the house.

You can listen to the recording below to learn how the tension-filled scene played out!