Shark Almost Bites Off Face of Couple on Their Honeymoon

Most couples want to relax for their honeymoon after all the stress of wedding planning. For Spencer Reilly, he wanted something a bit more daring and dangerous. He decided to go cage-diving with sharks in South Africa.

The waters of Gansbaai in South Africa are known for their population of great white sharks which usually attract thrill seekers such as Reilly.

During their adventure, the shark’s mouth came only a few centimeters away from the people inside the cage, but thankfully nobody was hurt.

Reily told the Nine Network that he was not expecting that at all. He said, “that should not have happened really, they don’t like the shark to get too close to the cage. But there was low visibility and the shark came at the bait extremely fast.”

The footage has not been sped up or altered in any way.

Now I know where I most definitely will not be going for my honeymoon.