Hilarious Shark Attack Prank Video Goes Viral

There was a “killer shark” attack in London recently — but not the kind you’d expect to see in a movie like Jaws. This was a prank that turned a quiet north London shop in a hotbed for screaming citizens, all in an effort to promote Sharknado 2.

A group of special effects wizards at Syfy brought together a team of four artists and animatronic wizards create the shark over two weeks. They then installed the fake-finned creature in a fishmonger’s store alongside fillets of salmon, haddock, and other fresh catches of the day. Hidden cameras were then installed to record how people reacted to the prank. And their reactions are pretty hysterical.

According to the YouTube page:

In the video, the bloodthirsty beast let loose amid the catch of the day terrifies a series of shoppers quietly browsing for their fish supper.

The shark’s razor-sharp teeth, glassy dead eyes and immense cavernous mouth fooled most of the people in the shop – bar an old lady, who strokes its head as she walks past.

Just to be safe, paramedics were on hand in case the trickery left someone with a heart attack or an accidental fall. If something like that did happen, we don’t see it in the video above. Instead, we’re met with shoppers who scream, jump, laugh and even flee in terror.

Sharknado 2: The Second One was about killer sharks terrorizing New York after a freak weather system floods the city. No word if this shark attack prank helped with rating in the UK. Check it out above.