Sharon Osbourne Calls it Quits After 7 Seasons of America’s Got Talent

After seven seasons of appearing as a judge on the hit NBC show, American’s Got Talent, Sharon Osbourne has officially resigned after weeks of speculation that she would not be returning for the upcoming 8th season.

Some might presume her leaving had to do with controversial new judge Howard Stern-the two have notoriously strong opinions. But, 59-year-old Sharon is causing a stir over at NBC by announcing her true reason for living-which is in protest over her son, Jack.

In an interview with The New York Post, Sharon claims Jack is being discriminated against for having MS, a debilitating, incurable, autoimmune disease. Before going public with his disease, 26-year-old Jack had been in talks to appear on a new reality series in which celebrities compete in rigorous, military exercises.

The show, Stars Earn Stripes, never technically signed a contract with Jack, and they are denying allegations that he won’t be appearing on the show due to his MS.

However, Sharon insists Jack had a verbal agreement with the creators to start filming the show that was immediately nixed after he went forward with his diagnosis. Unconfirmed emails between Jack and contacts at NBC state, “We are looking forward to working with you. I am happy you are going to be in the NBC family.”

Yet, just two days after that, Jack allegedly received another email saying his participation could no longer move forward. It did not state a reason why.

NBC has not addressed the validity of the emails, saying only “Sharon has been a valuable part of the NBC family. We regret any misunderstanding and wish Jack well.”

Because Sharon remains under contract with AGT, she’ll face a monetary penalty for leaving the show before her contract is up.

Photo: US Weekly