Mother Lets 13-Year-Old Daughter’s 41-Year-Old Boyfriend Move into Her Bedroom

A Chicago mother has been charged with permitting the sexual abuse of her 13-year-old daughter. Aurora Vertiz, 55, allegedly allowed a 41-year-old man to move into her home and share a bedroom with her daughter.

According to court records, within three months of the guy moving in, her daughter became pregnant. What did she expect would happen? Of course, Vertiz simply looked the other way despite being aware of their sexual relationship, and did not report the incident to police.

The young girl gave birth to her baby in January.

“The defendant was aware of the sexual relationship,” said Assistant State’s Attorney Kim Przekota. “She allowed the man to move into the home and share a bed with her then-13-year-old daughter.”

Vertiz’s bail was set at $500,000 during her hearing. However, it is not known if the man has been charged.