Signs She’s Cheating — 6 Suspicious Behaviors to Watch Out For

When researchers at Indiana University conducted a study on cheating couples, the results were surprising: 19 percent of women cheat compared with 23 percent of men—a staggering difference of only 4 percent!

The researchers discovered that women tend to cheat more for emotional reasons, while men are more inclined to cheat simply for sex. Sounds reasonable, right?

Female cheaters in the study revealed the behaviors they were guilty of while having an affair. These signs she’s cheating should be enough to assist you in figuring out whether or not your woman is being faithful.

Oh, and if she has to take her phone with her every time she uses the bathroom or shower? We don’t even need to justify that one with a response.

She Starts to Alter Her Appearance
When women have no one to impress, they generally don’t spend much time (hours) getting primped before leaving the house. If your girl is suddenly hitting the gym every day, wearing more makeup, trying out new hairstyles, and shopping for different clothes, she’s probably altering her appearance to impress a new love interest. If she strays from her routine for no apparent reason, and tends to brush off your compliments like they don’t matter, they most likely don’t.

She Has a New BFF
All you’ve been hearing about is this new “friend,” your wife’s new single gal pal from the office. Every day you get the rundown of how talented, funny, stylish, and independent this woman is. No, your wife probably hasn’t decided to play for her own team, but she is probably jealous of her colleague’s single life and misses her own (maybe a little too much). Watch this situation closely. If your wife is unhappy at home and your connection has fallen to the wayside, this new friend could lead her into the arms of a new man.

She Needs “Space” 
Everyone needs some alone time every now and again. If she offers a reason why she’s suddenly stonewalling you (stress, problems at home, etc.) then it could be a legitimate excuse. On the other hand, if she starts ignoring your calls, emails, and texts you probably need to get a clue. She is so over whatever the both of you shared and decided avoiding you is better than actually breaking up.

She’s Never in the Mood for Sex
Sure, she may not be in the mood every single time you feel like getting it on. She might just be tired, distracted or not feeling well. If she’s still showing other signs of affection and intimacy (kissing, hugging, cuddling, compliments) it’s unlikely that you have anything to worry about. But if she happens to duck you every time you want to have sex, look out! She may be getting busy with someone else.

She’s Always Accusing YOU of Cheating
One common behavior of cheating spouses is to project their guilt off themselves and onto their partners. When she begins acting all paranoid and questioning your behavior, there’s something awry with hers. Many women use this technique to push you to cheat in order to justify their own betrayal. The blame game never ends on a good note.

She Cancels Plans Last Minute
Picture this scenario: the two of you have plans to grab dinner, meet for coffee, or catch a game. But, at the very last minute she texts you and says, “Sorry, can’t make it.” Or better yet, she’s a no show. And this isn’t the first time. Usually, she bows out with flimsy excuses, like she needs to wake up early to go to yoga class. The fact of the matter is, she’s probably having an affair.