Ponies Wearing Cardigans! Scotland’s Attempt to Boost Tourism with Cuteness

Scotland is usually well-regarded for many things that fascinate people: rugged men in kilts, strong whisky, and creatures like the Loch Ness Monster. It’s history is loaded with incredible figures, from William Wallace and Mary Queen of Scots, to St Andrew. And then, of course, there is the beautiful green scenery and incredible cities, such as Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Inverness, Dundee, and Stirling.

And now it’s known for ponies wearing cardigans. Yes, cardigan sweaters. Cute, adorable Shetland ponies wearing some clothes to stave off the chill weather. What’s that about?

Not surprising, this is a bizarre, yet adorable, attempt to promote tourism to the island. VisitScotland published a series of photos featuring its most delightful inhabitants: a pair of Shetland ponies wearing cardigans — hand-knitted sweaters, to be exact! The ponies, named Fivla and Cinnamon, were photographed as part of VisitScotland’s “Year of Natural Scotland” campaign.

How the heck do you get a pony into a sweater? Shouldn’t they be in those aforementioned kilts?

It doesn’t matter – we’re booking our tickets now.

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