Shields Up! The Best (and Bizarrest) Brooke Shields Magazine Covers

Even though Brooke Shields doesn’t care for pumpkin pie, she pretended, at the tender age of ten, to crave the Thanksgiving staple while posing for the cover of American Home magazine’s November 1975 issue. And it became the first of nearly a thousand more magazine covers to feature the future supermodel ( lists more than 750 of Shields’ cover appearances).

Sadly, American Home, a gardening and interior design monthly that launched in 1928, would fold just two and a half years after Shields’ historic cover and only a few months before her breakthrough performance in Pretty Baby debuted in the spring of 1978. In fact, Shields would go on to grace the covers of dozens of publications which would not live to see the birth of her first daughter, Rowan, in 2003—who appeared in her mother’s belly on the cover of Vogue’s April issue that year. And it was her mother’s 21st appearance on the fashion bible’s front page.

After her American Home debut, Shields would go on to grace the covers of Rolling Stone, Seventeen, Elle, and New York magazines before scoring her first Vogue cover at age 14 in 1980—making her the youngest model ever to pose for the magazine’s cover. A year later, Shields became the youngest model to appear on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine’s American edition.

Eventually, Shields’ roles in the hit teen dramas The Blue Lagoon and Endless Love would make her an international superstar, and deliver a celebrity status even more valuable than her worth as a supermodel. It became a given that, if you wanted to sell magazines, just put Brooke Shields on the cover. As a result, Shields’ face would dominate newsstands for nearly a decade, seen regularly on the cover of everything from Good Housekeeping to Vanity Fair, from Harper’s Bazaar to Muppet Magazine. During the peak of her fame in 1984, she appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine three months in a row (from October to December). During less successful years, she could be found messing with her gender on the cover of Paper magazine (October 1990) and The Advocate (April 25, 2000).

With all that history in mind, we thought it would be fun to revisit two dozen of our favorite Brooke Shields magazine covers—both the beautiful and the bizarre, and plop them into an easy, breezy slideshow for y’all to enjoy. Check ’em out below (along with some of Shields’ coolest and campiest TV commercials here) and let us know which covers tops your list.