The Company That Mails Glitter to “People You Hate” Just Sold for $85,000

The site began as just a joke — it’s founder never imagined that it would ever take off and become so popular.

But 22-year-old Mathew Carpenter just sold his service Ship Your Enemies Glitter for a cool $85,000. The concept of the service? For less than you’d pay for a Chipotle burrito, you can, well, ship your worst enemies glitter. You can ruin their lives.

While $85,000 might not seem like a whole lot to you, when looked at from his perspective it certainly is! It’s like he won the lottery.

In a statement, Carpenter said:

If you’d told me 22 days ago when I registered the domain name that someone would later purchase it for $85,000 on Flippa, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Soon after launching on January 12, millions of people flooded the site. Not only that, but he ended up receiving thousands of orders. In fact, so many people ordered that Carpenter became overwhelmed and wanted nothing more to do with Ship Your Enemies Glitter.

His solution? He put the site up for grabs on with this sales pitch:

After being launched on January 12th of this month it has seen over 2,500,000 visitors, received over 415,000 mentions on Facebook & Twitter & has been featured all over the world both online, in print, on the radio, on TV & even on late night talkshows. After being online for only a few hours, the website had received over 2,000 orders generating just over $20,000AUD. Somewhat overwhelmed, I then decided to take the ability to order down despite receiving thousands of emails & tweets from people wanting to purchase.

The new owner of the site is named Peter Boychuk, an online entrepreneur.

“I’m extremely excited to be the new owner of There’s huge opportunity for growth with this business and I certainly plan on taking advantage of the attention it has received,” he said in a statement.