Random Shirtless Hero Risks Life To Save Stranded Dog On Frozen Pond

When the ice collapsed under a dog in Russia, it looked like it was the end of the line for this little furry guy. Luckily, a half-naked hero stepped in to save the day.

The video shows the helpless hound struggling to save its own life before a brave, shirtless man rushes in to help the dog back onto the ice, putting his own life on the line in the process. Bystanders watch as the shirtless hero runs toward the dog, with no thought to the fact that the ice may very well collapse under him as well.

The man lies down on the ice and carefully inches toward the four-legged victim, offering his help to the frightened furry friend. The dog, scared out of his wits and trying to save himself, responded by snapping at his would-be savior, but the man carries on anyway. Seeing an opportunity, he grabs the dog by the scruff on his neck, and pulls him to safety on a more stable patch of ice.

“Not all heroes wear capes,” is a phrase we all hear frequently. In fact, not all heroes wear shirts. Man is definitely this dog’s best friend, and to the shirtless guy in Russia who saved this dog’s life, we salute you.

Faith in humanity restored.