Shock Top’s Seasonal Lemon Shandy Is the Flavor That Summer Calls For

When life hands you a hell of a lot more than just lemons, you might want to consider upgrading your summer-weather drink options. Hot summer days typically bring one thing to mind: fresh lemonade, and/or an ice-cold beer.

And Shock Top’s Lemon Shandy (4.2 percent ABV) is the perfect beer to satisfy those cravings. No, your kid can’t sell this classic beer/lemonade combo at their neighborhood lemonade stand.

Brewed with five types of hops and two and six row malted barley, Lemon Shandy is a very crisp, refreshing beer — the flavor that summer calls for.

Some folks we talked to said that it tastes like dish soap or orangeade, but we have no idea what they’re talking about. The front taste of this Shock Top seasonal is not only smooth, but light, as the taste transitions from wheat to zesty lemon peel. It’s actually surprisingly subtle.

Our Lemon Shandy is made with real California lemon peels to deliver a bright and unmistakably Shock Top taste. Brewed with two row and six row malted barley and five different types of hops, this Belgian-Style Wheat Ale is then combined with real citrus peels, coriander, natural lemonade flavor and a hint of sugar for a subtle sweetness. The end result of our Lemon Shandy is an incredibly refreshing, crisp and smooth beer that hits the spot.

Lemon Shandy pairs well with all your BBQ favorites, including steak, bratwurst, and fried chicken. It’s a beer you’ll want to keep stocked in your ice chest all summer long.

Whether it’s on tap or in a bottle, Shock Top knows how to do summer right.