Shocked Waitress Gets $6,100 Tip from Complete Strangers. Learn Why!

According to People Magazine,  Abigail Sailors — an 18-year-old waitress at Cracker Barrel in Lincoln, Neb. —  was given the tip of a lifetime — $6,100 for college tuition and supplies.

Abigail Sailors with Siblings
Abigail Sailors with Her Siblings

Sailors’ sister Sydnie told the Lincoln Journal Star that it all began when the two patrons asked to be seated in the section with the grumpiest server. “There are no grumpy servers here,” they were told. Instead, the hostess insisted they sit with the happiest on staff.

Enter Abigail Sailors — she immediately impressed them and the trio struck up a conversation. Sailors shared her story, which began when her mother had a major car accident and became incapacitated. This occurred when Sailors was just an infant.

Not long after, her father was deemed an unfit parent. Sailors and her four siblings were then taken into foster care.

Eventually, Sailors’ father was charged and convicted for child abuse and the five children were split up into different homes. Nine years later they were reunited within the same home.

Abigail Sailors' College Tuition CheckThe young waitress also told the two patrons that she was having a hard time continuing at North Dakota’s Trinity College because of financial hardship. One of the guests happened to be a Trinity alumnus, pulled out his checkbook, and wrote Sailors a $5,000 check for tuition. Secondly, he wrote a $1,000 for supplies. To top it off, he wrote a $100 tip.

Completely overwhelmed, Sailors attempted to thank them. In response, the two asked her to thank God instead.

May this act of spontaneous charity and Sailors’ amazing attitude be an example to us all!