Shocking Arrest Video: Kids Watch as Cops Pull Gun and Taser Dad for No Good Reason

In a shocking video filmed by his 14-year-old son, Chicago cops smash through the passenger-side window and proceed to taser Jamal Jones for no apparent reason, Fox 32 News reported.

It all began when Lisa Mahone was pulled over as she drove herself, her boyfriend Jones, their son and their seven-year-old daughter to the Stroger Hospital. Mahone said her mother was near death and the family was going to see her for the last time.

Police pulled over their vehicle because Mahone wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. She handed over her license and insurance as asked. But when the police asked for her boyfriend’s ID things got way out of hand.

Jones didn’t have an ID with him because he had recently been ticketed, however as he reached into a book bag to produce the ticket for them to look over, police pulled their guns.

That’s when Joseph began recording the encounter on his phone from the backseat.

Mahone understandably got scared and called 911 to ask for a supervisor to control the situation before it got any worse. In the video Mahone can be heard saying “oh my God, he’s pulling me over like I robbed a bank,” to the 911 center, while police asked Jones to get out of the car. “What was the purpose of a gun, and now they’re asking me to open my doors so I can get out. I’m scared, there are two kids in the backseat,” she pleaded frantically to the dispatcher on the phone.

That’s when an officer used his baton to smash the passenger window, tasered Jones, pulled him from the car and arrested him on the spot. His daughter can be heard sobbing from the backseat of the car. Jones was charged with resisting law enforcement and refusal to aid an officer.

While the Hammond police said in a statement that the officers intended to write Jones a seat-belt ticket as well, Jones insisted he wore his belt and that the cops never indicated that that was their intention. The couple has responded with a federal lawsuit against the Hammond police, who their attorney says clearly overstepped their authority.  “They had no probably cause,” attorney Dana Kurtz said.

It is reported that one of the officers involved has been on two excessive force lawsuits prior to this.