SHOCKING! Sum 41 Star Deryck Whibley is Barely Recognizable After Close Brush with Death

Sum 41 star Deryck Whibley looks barely recognizable in the first photos of him in public since he almost died from alcoholism.

deryck whibley-300A photo of the gaunt-looking 34-year-old rock star was captured in Los Angeles on Monday while he was out with his fiancée, Jocelyn Aguilar, and another woman.

This public appearance comes days after a post on Whibley’s website revealed he experienced a close encounter with death.

The Canadian rock star explained how he spent a week unconscious and on an IV drip after an emergency visit to the hospital.

“I was drinking hard every day,” he admits. The addiction caused his kidneys and liver to collapse and the doctors told him he could die if he had one more drink. This led to a month-long stay in the hospital for Whibley, where he was treated for his addiction.

“I finally realized I can’t drink anymore,” he said adding, “I’m not preaching or anything but just always drink responsibly. I didn’t, and look where that got me.”

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