Shooter Carves Pumpkin with a Loaded Rifle and the Results are Pretty Cool

Carving a pumpkin with knives and other little utensils is difficult enough. Trust me, I know. However, professional shooter, Kirsten Joy Weiss decided she would step up the whole carving process by making her jack-o-lantern with a loaded rifle.

She calls it the “gun-o-lantern.”

She loads her Volquartsen semi-automatic .22, smiles at the camera and starts shooting the face of the pumpkin. Her aim is near perfect, and she doesn’t miss or shoot off target once.

Obviously, the holes in the pumpkin won’t be as precise and neat as if you carved it out with a knife, but from the looks of it, it gives off more of a haunted and deformed look.

She posted her video on her YouTube channel which she deems as a gun and shooting channel. Her description states, “Watch The Fun, Challenge, and Joy of Shooting – share in the ACTION, with a mix of trick shots, shooting games, humor, gear & gun reviews, shooting tips, and more!”

Watch the video above to see how her gun-o-lantern came out! Maybe you’ll be inspired to head out to the gun range and work on your shooting skills.