Shoplifter Tries to Steal Phone from Walmart, Stabs Himself Instead (VIDEO)

A 46-year-old man from North Carolina was hospitalized after his planned cellphone-heist went terribly wrong. David Lee apparently was midway through his attempt to steal a cellphone from a local Walmart, when the knife he was using to pry open the packaging slipped, causing him to accidentally stab himself, the Herald Standard reported.

Bleeding profusely from his arm, he tried to flee the store, but was observed by staff trailing blood behind him as he left. He allegedly grabbed a towel which he tried to use the staunch the flow, but by the time he got to his vehicle he apparently realized that his condition was pretty serious.

Walmart staff were able to report his license plate number as he left, and when he arrived at a nearby hospital he was met by police.

His injuries were so serious however that he had to be airlifted to another hospital for treatment.

He is recovering in the hospital, and has been charged with theft and disorderly conduct, according to The Patriot-News.

A CBS News affiliate was able to interview Lee’s mother, who blamed his addiction to heroin for his irresponsible and illegal behavior.

“I didn’t think he’d ever try that big of a stunt,” said his mother, Patty Lee. She also said that she fears that drugs will take his life, even if he survives his injuries from the robbery. “He’s been terrible,” she said. “He’s not David.”