Shopping Burns More Than 14,000 Calories Annually

Does shopping burn calories?

That’s a question for the ages — and you’re going to want to get yourself out of bed and straight to the mall after hearing news from a recent British poll.

Based on the results, the average woman walks two miles over three hours of shopping trips twice a week. This means you are burning around 14,844 calories every year and walking about 208 miles. Perhaps it isn’t so bad to treat yourself to some sweets and new clothes after all.

The study was conducted by asking a group of shoppers to wear pedometers to measure the distance they walked over a course of four weeks. The distances were calculated by including trips to shopping centres, city centre retailers and supermarket shops.

According to the DailyMail, a spokesperson for, the company that conducted the study, offered these thoughts: “Most of us see popping to the shops as a leisurely pastime. However, over a three hour shopping trip you can easily cover off a couple of miles, more if you’re striding out from one end of town to the other, so you get a bit of a workout as well as indulging yourself.”