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5 Cashmere Essentials for Women

The five hottest cashmere styles on the market.

Tokyo Fashion Week Pushes ‘Cool’

This week in fashion news, Japan Fashion Week, the twice-yearly celebration of an industry working hard to push the nation's "Cool Japan" campaign.

Burberry’s Angela Ahrendts Moving to Apple

Burberry's CEO Angela Ahrendts is set to exit the luxury brand and move to tech-company Apple in 2014.

Latest Fashion Sunproof Craze–the Face-kini

Beyond their faces, citizens are taking precautions that include the entire body, with full body suits to keep wearers protected.

Nordstrom Jumps on Pop-Up Store Bandwagon

Retail giant Nordstrom is jumping on the pop-up-store bandwagon, showcasing Pop-In @ Nordstrom this week.

Every Girl Needs This Shoe – TREND TIPS!

Every Girl Needs This Shoe - TREND TIPS!

If there's one shoe you buy today (and we know you're gonna' buy a lot more), this is the one you need.

Walk This Way: Marc Jacobs to Leave Louis Vuitton

It's official: Marc Jacobs to exit Louis Vuitton after 16 years at the French fashion house.

Bangladesh Garment Workers Protesting for Pay Raise

Managing to close down 100 factories, garment workers in Bangladesh are asking for a minimum payment of $100 per month. The apparel industry in Bangladesh is worth a whopping $20 billion dollars and continues to manufacture clothing for companies like J.C. Penney, Gap, and Walmart, while not paying fare wages.

Man Earns $1.25 Million Air Miles By Buying Pudding

For a relatively small investment, this guy stuck with it and earned himself a lifetime of travel. Explaining his extensive purchases to store owners as "necessary to stock up for Y2K."

Sisco+Berluti Bracelets–Michelle Obama’s Go-to Accessory

A style icon for the ages, now First Lady Obama is sporting the latest trend in arm candy, the Sisco+Berluti bracelets--a favorite with many of Hollywood's ladies as well.