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Scariest Styles at New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is the Olympics of fashion and style. And every season fashion-followers look to the shows to see upcoming trends. Some win and many are just plain odd. These are a few of our favorites.

Daisy Fuentes’ Fashion Brings a Bit of Malibu to #MBFW

Bringing a bit of her Malibu home to New York Fashion Week today with her SoCaL inspired collection, Daisy Fuentes is a one-woman fashion powerhouse quietly making over half a million in sales with Kohl's.

Shopping in Heels Slows Down the Economy

Keeping your balance helps keep your checkbook in balanced. A recent study says, high-heels prevent women from making crazy shopping decisions.

A $750 Cupcake?

Cupcakes have been the baked good trend for some time now. Creeping up from their once low $2 per to now an average $4.50 per. Leave it to Vegas to take a fun fad and literally dip it in gold and charge a king's ransom.

Obama Still a ‘Barackberry’ Man Five Years Later

It seems President Barack Obama's BlackBerry always finds a way to make news despite all the other issues happening in the world.

Mini Tablet Wars–HP Slate 7 vs. Kindle Fire HD

Thanks to competition between the various tablets, consumers are benefiting from smaller getting better--all at affordable pricing.

A Modern Take on the ‘Friendship-Bracelet’

Have a party on your arm this summer, with these funky new twists on every girl's favorite accessory.

Win a Pair of STREET by 50 Headphones

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Ever Heard of a BWAP? Two Major Reasons You Should

Why every parent and their children should know what a BWAP is.

Designer Creates A Boozy Bangle

Oh, if only this sexy boozy bangle could come to work with us...