Holiday Gift Guide

DropCatch: the Magnetic Wall-Mounted Beer Bottle Opener

Developed by Kent Frayn and Joe Walsh, the DropCatch is made in their Chicago workshop out of high-grade rare earth magnets, steel and beautifully finished hardwood.

Shop the Summer Trend: Jean Shorts from Tractr

When the temperature rises, the shorts come out of the closet!

iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3 – Which is Best For You

Despite the fact that the iPhone has sort of become a universal icon with its fans, I've found that the S3 does far more for less money and offers greater flexibility to users.

A Chic Mom’s Day Gift Guide

Mom's are stylish today. Keep up with this fashion forward Mother's Day gift guide.

MOTHER’S DAY GIFT IDEA: My Yoga Online Unlocks 1,000 Free Classes

World class instructors lead you from the first Sun Salutation to the final "namaste" in the comfort of your own home, and on your own time.

Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gifting Guide

How new or old is your relationships? Our handy Valentine's Day gift guide will help you find your special someone the perfect gift.

Go Holiday Shopping with Legendary Coco Peru

Join the legendary performer on a hilarious journey as she attempts to find gifts for her neighbors.

5 Holiday Must-Have Gifts for Yourself

One FTK reader living in New Orleans offers her 5 must-haves for the holiday season.

Henry the Christmas Cat’s Gift Ideas: Leprechauns & Pillow Forts

Think you've got all the right Christmas gifts? You might want to check out what Henry the Christmas Cat has to say about that.