Short Woman Stabs Boyfriend for Calling Her a Midget

Forty-year-old Maria Clark is less than five feet tall but she may just be an inch or so taller than a dwarf. Dwarfism is technically defined as an adult height of less than 4 feet 10 inches. Clark may not be considered a ‘small person’ but one thing is certain: she doesn’t like being called a midget or a dwarf.

It was after Clark’s boyfriend, Matthew Parvin, called her a midget and a dwarf that she lunged at him with a knife, leaving a bloody wound in his shoulder. She sliced his clothing and scratched his chest with the knife before successfully stabbing him. Prior to the attack, not only did Parvin call Clark derogatory names, he also accused her of sleeping with a mutual friend. He also called her a dog.

Strangely enough, the two are still together as a couple.

According to the neighbor who called an ambulance, Clark left the house after the assault, yelling “you better get rid of the knife.”

Parvin lied to the police about the injury, saying he was attacked by an unknown assailant on his way back home from shopping. Five months later, Clark and Parvin broke up, so Parvin called the police and confessed the truth of what had happened. Clark was arrested. When the couple got back together, they were going to go back to the original lie, but Clark crumbled and told the truth about what she’d done.

In court, the prosecution tried to paint a picture of a scared Parvin who lied about what had happened because he’s scared of his short girlfriend. The defense tried to elicit compassion from the jury regarding Clark’s sensitivity about her height.

Clark told the court that she’d been drinking before the stabbing incident. When the judge came back with a decision, she addressed Parvin, saying: “You’ve basically forgiven her and couldn’t bear the prospect of her going to prison.”

Clark was given a 36-week jail term suspended for two years with 18 months supervision. She is also required to attend 12 sessions of a women’s group. Clark and Parvin are still together.