Hilarious Video: Profound Shower Thoughts with Nick Offerman

You know those ideas that pop into your head while you’re in the shower? The really profound ones that make you rethink your entire life, but by the time the water runs cold and a pen and paper are finally on hand they’ve vanished completely? Yeah, those ones.

Sometimes it feels as though your best thoughts happen in the shower. Unfortunately, it can be hard to remember exactly what happened in your suds-filled brain during that 10-30 minutes in the steam.

Well some Reddit users on the r/ShowerThoughts subreddit have managed to capture the weird cleverness that only comes from the daily rinse-and-repeat.

Thanks to Mashable, the most gripping and witty responses can be experienced in the commanding and manly, yet smooth voice of actor Nick Offerman. His performance unsurprisingly makes the simple video feel like a journey into the human experience.

The video of his dramatic reading, posted to YouTube on Wednesday, already has over half a million views. Because everyone can enjoy some shower thoughts with Nick Offerman.