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7 Shows to Fill the Game of Thrones Gap

If you’re feeling a lost or down following the conclusion of Game of Thrones, don’t sit around and stare at the walls. We’ve pulled together a list of some epic shows like Game of Thrones.

Available Now

Black Sails

Love Game of Thrones, but wish there had been more pirates? Starz hit series Black Sails may be just the show for you. Black Sails mingles historical fact with fiction bringing together real-life pirates like Blackbeard and Jack Rackham and places them alongside their fictional counterparts Long John Silver and Billy Bones. All four seasons are available to stream on Starz or through the Starz Amazon Prime add-on.


Britania is an Amazon Prime Orginal set in 43 AD and depicts the clash between the armies of the Roman Empire and the Celtic warriors of the island they are invading. It features all the political intrigue, gritty violence, and twists of fate that made the Game of Thrones must-watch television. The first season is available to stream now with the second season likely to premiere later this year.


The History Channel’s Knightfall follows in the footsteps of the networks other historical drama Vikings. (We’ll get to that show later in the list.) The show explores the political machinations surrounding the Knights Templar and the Crusades. The second Season just wrapped up, and it has been creating a lot of buzz. You can stream the first season on Netflix now.

The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom follows the story of a Saxon warrior named Uhtred of Bebbanburg. Uhtred was taken as a slave by invading Danes and grew up among them. In the series, he struggles to take back his ancestral lands and must choose between the family he has known and the heritage that was stolen from him. This storyline should sound familiar to Game of Thrones fans — Theon Greyjoy anyone? The first three seasons are available on Netflix with a fourth season on the way.


Vikings follows the exploits of legendary Norse hero Ragnar Lothbrok. The show focuses on Ragnar’s rise to power as he attacks England and strives to become a Scandinavian king. Vikings ran concurrently with Game of Thrones for many years, leading many to draw comparisons between the two and debate which is actually the superior show. You can stream the first five seasons on Netflix and Hulu with a sixth season on the way.

Coming Soon

His Dark Materials

Don’t want to trust any other networks with your fantasy fix, well you may not have to wait long. While HBO’s next foray into adapting a well-known fantasy series for television doesn’t have a release date yet, it has already been confirmed for a second season. For those not familiar with the books, HBO’s big-budget adaptation takes place in an alternate universe where everyone’s soul is embodied by a shape-shifting animal called a Daemon. The teaser for the new show seems to have a much darker take on the source material than the 2007 feature film The Golden Compass which would follow the tone of Game of Thrones nicely.

The Lord of the Rings

It’s still a few years off, but nothing says fantasy epic quite like J.R.R. Tolkien’s trilogy about Hobbits, Orcs and a certain ring. Details are still sketchy at this point but Amazon’s answer to Game of Thrones is already garnishing a lot of attention. If any show can fill the gap left by Game of Throne, it would be an adaptation of the trilogy that inspired nearly all modern fantasy epics. The only question is can fans survive the wait.

Bonus: Game of Thrones Prequel

If you simply cannot accept any substitute, there is still hope for you. HBO is already at work on a prequel to the events that transpired on their hit fantasy epic. The prequel will be set in the same world as the previous show, but take place thousands of years prior to it. We may finally get a look at some of the legendary figures mentioned in the series, and an answer to the burning question, what was the Night King’s deal anyway?

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