A Sickening But Amazing Time Lapse Showing How Our Bodies Heal Nasty Wounds

WARNING: Video is extremely graphic and may make some people queasy.

The other day, I fell off my bike after one too many beers in the sunshine. Thankfully, the alcohol made my body limber so I wasn’t really injured. The only injury I sustained was to my left hand. After I crashed, a small chunk of my middle finger got scraped off on the pavement.

It may be the smallest boo-boo, but these past few days have sure been rough waiting for it to heal. Everything from washing my hands to accidentally brushing my finger up against a coarse surface makes me shriek. In spite of this, I can’t help but be fascinated every time I look down at the wound.

The body’s healing process is absolutely remarkable.

The moment a body is injured, when you cut or tear a blood vessel, the healing immediately begins. First, something called vasoconstriction happens – blood vessels surrounding the wound tighten to reduce the flow of blood to the injured area. Once the bleeding is under control, the next step in the healing process is preventing infection. That’s when white blood cells rush in and destroy any germs that may have entered the body through the open wound.

And lastly, the body turns its attention to repairing itself. Of course, depending on the type of wound, healing time varies.

In the video above, you’ll see a time lapse video of a nasty injury being healed over a six month period.

This guy almost had his finger chopped clean off after placing his hand in a wood chipper. It’s definitely not a pretty sight. Although, it is really amazing to see what our immune system is capable of.