You’ll Be Shocked to Find Out What’s Hiding Inside This Table

Say you live in a small New York City apartment, and you want to take advantage of every square-inch that you own/rent. You love working out and wish you could have a treadmill or another piece of gym equipment that will help you reach your fitnessĀ goals.

The only problem, you think there’s not enough space.

This is where this awesome side table comes in!


side table rowing machine

When you open up the sucker, you won’t believe what’s inside.

side table into rowing machine

Yep, a full-blown rowing machine! The beauty of this peace of equipment is that it provides the opportunity to gain a solid cardio workout, while strengthening arms, shoulders, glutes, and legs.

side table rowing machine

The unit also provides a nice spot to hold your iPad, which can work perfectly as entertainment or inspiration during workouts.

I can truly say that I wouldn’t mind owning one of these puppies! Click here to learn more.