Amusement Park Creates Texting Lane for Pedestrians Addicted to Their Phones

A Chinese amusement park has made some changes to its walkways. The park, called Yangren Jie—“Foreigner Street”—has split their walkway into a cell phone-only lane and a no-cell phone lane.

The painted lanes feature a cell phone icon and the words “Cell phones, walk in this lane at your own risk,” to indicate that it is okay to walk and text.

It is only about a 100-foot stretch of sidewalk, according to Mashable, but the area and surrounding city have posted multiple signs designating the proper use of the street. Signage boasts the pavement as the “first mobile sidewalks in China.”

The text-and-walk practice that so many people engage in is not without some danger—be it from oncoming foot traffic, uneven pavement, or being unaware of street traffic and signs. The Telegraph reports the lane was created as a warning to not become distracted by phone use while walking.