Simone Biles Gets A Kiss From Zac Efron And It’s Just Too Hot To Miss!

Okay, so Zac Efron, who just happens to be your celeb crush, pitches at the Olympics where you have already won four gold and one bronze medal and plants a wet one on your cheek. Just another day in the life of Simone Biles, right? Some people just have all the luck.

Image Source: Zac Efron Twitter

Zac’s been going around the world fulfilling teenage dreams as far as he goes and Rio was one of his stops resulting in Simone getting a wish granted too.


She couldn’t wait to get onto Twitter and spread the word. The famous gymnast has a following that knows about the soft spot she has for Zac. He has clearly shown that the feeling is mutual and even tweeted her back earlier in July to wish her good luck in her trials for the Olympics.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 10.49.47

This tweet about Zac’s smooch was retweeted 110 000 times which indicates how much the world loves this. She may not need to get a Zac Effron cardboard cutout after all. He even went as far as saying that his Olympic dream came true, further leading us to believe that he may have a little crush of his own going on. Just to sort fact from fiction, he was the one that kissed her, not the other way around.

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