This Simple Test Will Determine How Likely You Are to Die Soon (VIDEO)

Who knew figuring out how likely you are to die prematurely was so simple? It’s called the sitting-rising test.

Basically, all you have to do is stand up, sit down and then stand up again. That’s it.

You can watch a demonstration of how it’s done in the video above, but here are the steps:

You start standing upright, then you cross your legs before squatting down into a seated position without using your hands. From there, you have to try to stand up off the ground without using your hands or knees to assist you.

Before you begin, give yourself 10 points. Then, deduct one point every time you have to use your hands or knees to support yourself. Every single time you lose your balance, subtract half a point.

According to the European Journal of Cardiology, this test determines your overall ability to, you know, stay alive. If you score a three or below, you are allegedly 500 percent more likely to die in the next six years than if you scored above an eight.

Good luck!