Single Texas Mom Fired Before First Day of Job Over Stupid Facebook Post (VIDEO)

A single mother from a Texas suburb just learned a vital career lesson: don’t bitch about the job you just landed.

Kaitlyn Walls, 27, was fired before her first day of work–for expressing on Facebook how much she hates working in childcare. Unfortunately, the employer who just hired her found out about the posting and told her not to bother even coming in.

Walls told CBS-DFW that she was terminated on the day her new job was expected to start, over a post that read, “I start my new job today, but I absolutely hate working at day care.” She later followed up that thought with, “Lol, it’s all good, I just really hate being around a lot of kids.”

Although she says she was just venting, Walls immediately received insults from other parents on social media.

“Oh man I made a big mistake,” Walls wrote on Facebook yesterday. “I’m so sad. I feel like a failure here looking at my daughter crying because I’m afraid that I’m not going to be able to find a job because of my own stupidity.”

Screengrab via CBS-DFW

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