Singles Undergo Extreme Transformations After Being Rejected by Dating Site

Some people don’t take rejection lightly—particularly a few folks whose looks were deemed not good enough for an elite online dating website called

The site claims to have rejected 7.5 million applicants from their exclusive services. So, some of those rejected applicants took matters into their own hands—and in some cases went under the knife— to achieve the extreme body transformation needed to be accepted.

The website makes potential members go through a 48-hour voting period, during which the applicant’s profile is judged by current members to decide if they are attractive enough to join. However the site has no limit on how many times one can apply. According to the Daily Mail, the managing director of, Greg Hodge, said that—because there is no limit—it is not uncommon to see people re-apply upwards of 20 times.

Hodge said it’s important for people to know that they can start to improve their appearance through simple means like personal grooming and better nutrition to see a big difference, or they can commit to the permanent alterations of cosmetic surgery. Ultimately, Hodge says the site just wants to help people become more confident.

“We want to encourage people to make the best of themselves,” said Hodge.

For some applicants, re-applying meant committing to strict and rigorous lifestyle changes to completely transform their bodies. One such applicant named Kelly O’Donnell, from Canada, decided to completely make over her appearance and to become a nutritionist in order to be accepted.


She said:

“After reaching 200 pounds, I knew my life had to change. I was tired of feeling run down and sick all the time. So I decided to learn all I could about nutrition and began to exercise. Eight years later, two half marathons, and 90 pounds slimmer, I truly have left that life behind. I love the results.”

Aleksandra Pieczek, a Polish student, also wanted to change her life because she “didn’t want to be a nobody.” For Pieczek, that meant a change in diet, lifestyle, and fitness regimen. She is now a model and a cheerleader.


While O’Donnell and Pieczek relied on fitness and nutritional changes, one anonymous user from Britain admitted to plastic surgery in order to gain admittance. “It hasn’t been easy—my brother hasn’t spoken to me since I had the rhinoplasty—but I’ve never felt better,” the user said.

Tawnie, from Los Angeles, was rejected from the site and decided to completely redo her look, from make-up to body features.


It is not just women undergoing these dramatic transformations. Alexander Siegwardt, a German student, spent hours in the gym after his rejection.