WATCH: These Brave Sisters Heroically Fought Off a Knife Wielding Attacker

Two sisters managed to live through a nightmare ordeal after an attacker broke into their home. Today, both sisters are recovering physically and emotionally after the violent encounter with the burglar who attempted to kill them both.

Bre and Kayli Lasley were in their respective bedrooms just before midnight on Wednesday when Bre, 27, heard noises at her bedroom window. At first she didn’t think anything of it. Until she heard him whisper something awful.

“He whispered ‘I’m going to kill you,’” Bre Lasley said. “I heard a voice and he just said, ‘hey girl, I’m coming in your room.’”

Bre rushed to call 911 but 48-year-old Robert Berger attacked her and began punching her in the stomach.

“He put his left arm over my mouth and he said, ‘you cooperate with me or I’m going downstairs to get your little sister,’” Bre Lasley said.

Kayli, Bre’s 21-year-old sister, heard the struggle and her sister’s stifled screams from her downstairs bedroom.

“I had run up the stairs and we were in the kitchen, kind of trying to fight him off I guess,” Kayli explained.

The intruder kicked Kayli down the stairs and her head crashed through the wall. Berger went to push Bre down the stairs too but she dragged him down with her. Afterwards, the attacker began strangling Kayli. Bre tried tackling Berger but he started beating her. Kayli then rushed to help her big sister.

“As I’m running up the stairs I hear [Bre] saying, ‘he’s stabbing me, he’s stabbing me,’” Kayli remembers.


Berger stabbed Bre Lasley in the stomach and leg several times. He kept stabbing her in the same spots, too, as if he were trying to puncture a vein, which would’ve killed her.

“He was kneeling on top of me and he was kneeling on both of my arms and he pulled his knife up and he told me he was going to kill me,” Bre said. “That’s when I saw the officer, and he was our angel. I looked at the officer and his eyes and he was so professional and calm and I said, ‘officer, he’s going to kill me!’”

The officer warned the suspect three times to put down the knife but he refused. That’s when the policeman delivered the fatal gunshot to the head.

The timing of the police officer couldn’t have been better. He happened to be in the area already because Berger attempted to break into another home just a few doors down from the Lasleys. That family forced Berger out and called 911.

Officers say that Berger had a criminal history dating back to 1986 and most recently was arrested for aggravated robbery and attempted theft. He was paroled Sept. 15 and was considered a fugitive with an active warrant. if it hadn’t been for the Lasley sisters, he may very well have still been on the loose.

For the news report watch the video below: