Six Flags Magic Mountain to Transform Legendary Colossus into Hybrid Roller Coaster

Once hailed as the world’s greatest roller coaster, Colossus will now be turning into a hybrid dubbed Twisted Colossus.

Instead of closing the legendary ride down, Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California, plans to do a massive makeover to the wooden ride by adding two barrel roll inversions, a “high-five” element, two separate 121-foot-tall lift hills and a pair of vertical drops. The concept’s construction also involves removing more than 3,000 feet of original track.

The nearly 5,000-foot-long Twister Colossus is currently being called the world’s longest hybrid coaster, and is scheduled to be built by Rocky Mountain Construction.

Riders will experience an 80-degree drop at 57 mph before travelling through the “high-five” part of the coaster where people will almost be able to touch the hands of those riding in the car next to them.

Not only that, in total, Twister Colossus has 18 airtime hills, two 80-degree drops, two passes through the “high-five” element and two zero-G roll inversions.

It sure looks like one hell of a ride! Honestly, it’s making our palms sweaty just thinking about getting onto this thing. I remember as a kid how much Colossus freaked me out. My mom never fails to remind me about the one time our family visited the park and I almost had a heart attack because I thought I was going to fly out of my seat. So, you can bet I probably won’t be going on this ride any time soon.

Twister Colossus will debut at the theme park in 2015.