6 Annoying Chick Habits That Guys Actually Love

When it comes to getting and keeping a guy, there are a million do’s and do not’s out there. Now we don’t know about you, but we’ve noticed many of those lists suggest we restrict ourselves from, well, being ourselves.

Are you affectionate? Don’t be, you’ll suffocate him. Are you talkative? Don’t be, you should act mysterious instead. Do you have a competitive streak? Reign that in, let him feel like “the man.” Enough already!

While some of that might be okay advice at the start of a relationship, you shouldn’t have to change yourself for the long run. Not only will you never know if he’s actually in to you or the person you’re pretending to be, chances are the relationship will crash and burn down the line anyway if you always have to hold back from being yourself.

But we understand there’s still some paranoia about really letting yourself be comfortable around your guy for fear of scaring him off. We’ve gotten this idea in our head that sometimes things that come naturally to us are annoying to him, and we should think twice before acting them out.

Well guess what? We always had our suspicions about that notion, so we went out and in a totally unscientific study asked our guy friends on Facebook what they really thought about some of those so-called “annoying chick habits.” What we found proved our suspicions correct. It turns out the things you think he finds annoying, are actually the very actions that reinforce how cool, sweet, and witty you are.

So stop worrying, and don’t let another one of your girlfriends tell you to “hide the crazy” again. Because he’s probably loving every second of it.

Check out the slideshow for the annoying girl things guys secretly like above.

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