Sixth Generation Farmer in England Makes Vodka from Cows Milk

We’ve heard all about how people make vodka with potatoes, grains, sugars, fruits, or just about anything else that can be fermented. But vodka made with cows milk? No way!

This is definitely not the drink we think of consuming when we want to get a little extra calcium.

Jason Barber, a 47-year-old, sixth generation farmer from Dorset, England, has just spent three years creating the world’s first vodka made from milk. The label, which is called Black Cow, has even become popular with celebrities such as Daniel Craig and Elizabeth Hurley.

Barber got the idea for this mad cow concoction after viewing a television documentary on the Tuva Republic in southern Siberia. The people in these parts made their vodka from yaks milk.

After a few years of working out all the kinks and 250 cows later, the farmer produced impressive results.

He starts out by separating the milk into curds and whey (you may remember the beloved nursery rhyme featuring Little Miss Muffet), then he uses the curds to make cheese and the whey is fermented into beer. Through this process, a special yeast is used to convert the sugar into alcohol.

Once distilled, the beer goes through a blending process to create the vodka, which is then triple-filtered and hand-bottled.

You can only imagine how exceptionally smooth and creamy this hard liquor tastes!

Black Cow has been receiving positive reviews since it was launched, and can now be found on the menus of posh English restaurants. It is priced at $35 to $42 per bottle.

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