From a Size 34D to 40L: Woman Jumps NINE Bra Cup Sizes in Two Years

A woman identified only as Sharon on the British TV show, Embarrassing Bodies revealed she had to have breast reduction surgery after her breasts expanded nine cup sizes in just two years, following a hysterectomy.

The West Midlands resident started off with a 34D cup size but over the course of the two years ballooned up to a size 40L. The show’s GP, Dr. Pixie McKenna, claimed they were the largest breast she had ever seen. Not surprisingly the 51-year-old’s sizable bust lead to severe pain in her neck and back. She had to take morphine just to help her sit up or stand.

Her husband Sam explained that while her bust size grew, her self confidence decreased.

“When I first knew Sharon she was always dancing and singing and very jolly,” he shared. “To see her now… that’s not the Sharon I’m used to seeing.”

Fortunately the surgeons at Ramsey West Midlands Hospital in Birmingham removed over 13 pounds of tissue from her breasts in a surgery that reduced the size and gave relief to her hunched back.

Sharon is ecstatic with the results. “It’s made me feel like a woman again because all I had was these big saggy boobs but now they’re amazing,” she said, adding “I can’t wait to get a bikini and show my boobs off.”

The image below shows a before-and-after from the show. before-and-after