PHOTOS: Why Are These Skeletons Covered in Precious Jewels?

skeletons covered in jewels

Paul Koudounaris (AKA “Indiana Bones”) is a relic hunter who is now sharing an amazing collection of 400-year-old skeletons that have been covered in precious jewels.

It has been concluded that these skeletons, unearthed from churches throughout Europe, are the remains of Christian martyrs and saints. Thousands of them were were found in Roman catacombs in the 16th century. The Vatican then ordered them to be covered in jewels and shown in towns in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Look closely and you’ll find pure gold, silver, and unbelievable gems strategically placed around the skeletons. It was even discovered that some took nearly five years to adorn.

According to Koudounaris, “After they were found in the Roman catacombs the Vatican authorities would sign certificates identifying them as martyrs then they put the bones in boxes and sent them northwards. The skeletons would then be dressed and decorated in jewels, gold and silver, mostly by nuns.”

When asked about the value of the skeletons, Koudounaris admits that you can’t put a value on them — they are truly priceless.

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