Archaeologists Find Skeletons Holding Hands in Grave for 700 Years

This very well may be the epitome of a true and lasting bond.

Archaeologists recently unearthed the skeletal remains of a couple who have been holding hands for 700 years at a ‘’lost’ chapel in Leicestershire, England.

Local volunteers have been digging two weeks a year for four years at the Chapel of St. Morrell, a pilgrimage site in Hallaton during the 14th century, around the same time the newly found couple believed to have been alive.

Though they don’t know the reasoning behind it, diggers have seen similar skeletons at the site before where couples were buried together.

“The main [question] is why were they buried out up there?” asks Vicky Score, an archaeologist from of the University of Leicester “There is a perfectly good church in Hallaton. Was it a special place?”

A few theories include that the burial may have been refused at the main church for criminals, foreigners or diseased people, or maybe the chapel was an area of pilgrimage.

In the case of the hand-holding couple, researchers are saying they seem to be of similar age but further analysis is needed to determine how old they were when they died.